When is a husband not a husband….

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Greetings and happy friday to you all!

The link today is sadly one that is very common and prevalent these days.  People who are legally married being denied recognition of that fact and being forced to pay more for things as a consequence.  This couple, legally married it seems, applied for a family membership and were denied.  It seems that you can only really be considered as having a husband if you are female in this instance.

It would be easy to say to move to another gym but, as you will see in the article, there are other reasons why it is not appropriate for them to do so.  So they are forced to pay for two individual memberships at higher cost if they stay where they are.  Would this be easy to fix?  Most certainly.  All we have to do is recognise those marriages that are carried out legally.  It clearly exists, so why waste time pretending it doesn’t?

Oh, and the subtext here, in case you haven’t picked up on it, is that in elections if you vote for a candidate that doesn’t support equality you are voting to pay more.  Does that make it easier to understand?

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2 thoughts on “When is a husband not a husband….

  1. I think we forget how fortunate we are in England. Dave and I had a joint gym membership no problem. And, when we were getting our joint mortgage the adviser asked us if we were civilly partnered, then asked us Why Not? when we told her we werent!

    Now, i do believe my council tax should be lower than straight families (no kids to educate, take to the library, be rushed to hsopital), but thats a WHOLE new blog.

    loving your musings
    Nick x

  2. Not just a matter of cost, I feel the recognition to almost be a larger issue. Because it reaches beyond cost to rights and privileges. One step at a time I suppose, but wouldn’t it be grand for places like hospitals to allow for same sex and even dare I say multiple spouse..

    dare, dare

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