Gay licence plates everywhere…..

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First up a correction.  It seems that Indiana were not the first state to issue and LGBT supporting licence plates.  That honour goes to Maryland a few years back.  Good for them.

But it doesn’t stop there.  Today I read that now South Carolina has just approved an LGBT licence plate as you can read about in the link above.  South Carolina?  Yes, that is right.  That is only slightly less bizarre than Indiana having one.  What ever next?  Will we be able to use an LGBT brand on cattle in North Dakota?

It is interesting that this is suddenly happening.  Equality takes many forms and if various different groups can have their licence plates, then why can’t the homos?  I have to admit I find the whole thing strange to start with coming from England where you get only one kind of plate…the standard issue one.  The myriad of different plates for different causes was a puzzler when I first arrived here.  If we can have plates that support guns, then surely we can have plates that support the fairies too.  Such a lovely contrasting concept.

My concern now is this….will this be seen as a threat to “traditional licence plates” and will we start to see “licence plate amendments” being pushed in each state.  After all this may be the end of traditional licence plates as we know it.

And that just wouldn’t do now, would it?

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2 thoughts on “Gay licence plates everywhere…..

  1. Not that it changes the fact that there appears to be an endless variety of license plates throughout the US, I only recall this proliferation of increasingly specialized license plate designations having begun during the mid-1980’s. It might have begun somewhat earlier…but if so, not by much. Prior to that, each state issued a single version of its own standard plate in which it would incorporate a specific combination of colors and, in some states, specific imagery that might be associated with the state. Once a person became familiar with the appearance of plates from the 48 contiguous states, or at least the states in the general region in which one was traveling, things would appear at least reasonably predictable while on the road. I’m not certain what initially compelled me to take note of license plates in general…more than likely the manner in which each state chose to present itself by way of its resident drivers. I only know I’ve always found the phenomenon reasonably interesting.

    Specifically addressing this portion of David’s blog, I don’t recall having encountered any LGBT plates in any state. Are such license plates actually being used on vehicles or is it a situation in which any given state would be showing its willingness to issue such a plate…presumably attempting to portray itself as being an all embracing entity?

    • Keith, good thoughts. Having only been here since 2000 I am not really aware of much of the history behind it all. As for whether the licence plates actually get used on vehicles, I was under the impression that a group had to sell a minimum number of their plates each year to be allowed to remain in the program…but I’m not totally sure.


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