Indiana has an LGBT licence plate?

Today’s link

File this one under “who would have thought”.  Indiana has become the first state in the US to allow an LGBT focused licence plate for vehicles.

The link details the fascinating story of this and how it all came to happen.  There was a lawsuit involved but it seems to have been largely related to things other than the licence plate itself.  But now the plate is available….in Indiana!

It will be interesting to see how this one takes off.  the group who organised the plate do invaluable work in promoting tolerance and safe spaces in schools and are to be applauded for this.  Maybe now we will see a rash of other groups starting to do this in other states.  I can only imagine how this will enrage some people….especially seeing as Indiana has one of the most overtly religious plates that I have seen.  Hopefully this won’t lead to cars being vandalised…..

Hurrah/Huzzah for Indiana….sort of.

Big love,



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