For Martin Luther King Jr. day

Today’s Link

Greetings all!  This will be a short post as this day speaks for itself in the history of America and civil rights.

There has been much discussion over the past few years as to whether Martin Luther King Jr. would have supported LGBT rights or not.  There has also been plenty of division in his family over the issue.  On top of that we have many people of colour who actively discriminate against gay people, particularly in church.

Perhaps the answer as to whether Martin Luther King Jr. would have been a supporter of LGBT rights and struggles is best left to the person who knew him the best, his wife.  Her thoughts are to be found via the link for today.

And why am I smiling in the picture on what should be a somber day?  Because so much has been achieved, for people of colour, for women, and for LGBT rights already.  There is still more to do, but a smile for what has been achieved, especially for Dr King, is very fitting.

Big love,



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