Football and controversy….

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So, Tim Tebow.  A name known to millions of American football fans everywhere.  A name only known to most gay people for his association with Focus on the Family, an organisation that has a long history of anti-gay rhetoric and hate speech.  Over the weekend a TV ad created by Focus on the Family about and starring Tebow has been airing.  This has caused much discussion from the gay community.

There is more to this than just the surface issue of it being FoF at it’s epicenter though.  Tebow is a definite role model for many young people in the country (for good or bad) and is followed by all the media.  So what he does and says matters.  The TV ad doesn’t mention gay people at all but focuses on the issue of “life” instead.  However, when you add in the fact that the Denver Broncos, the team Tebow plays for, were asked to do a video for the “It gets better project” and declined, the topic becomes murkier.

“It gets better” is a project designed to show young LGBT people that life does get better and is a response to the rash of suicides amongst LGBT folks over the last two years.  It is a worldwide movement and the inclusion of the Broncos in the project along with their star player and media personality would have sent a very positive message.  But they declined.  Having Tebow do work for FoF certainly makes things even more difficult.

I’ll stop short of saying that he and the Broncos should do a video.  Otherwise it comes dangerously close to saying that everyone should have to support everything to be fair.  But FoF are not fair with a lot of the rhetoric that has been going on.  So this whole thing has me feeling very, very uneasy…..


Big love,


P.S.  I bought Dance Central 2 for the Xbox today.  Maybe I can do a self portrait of me strutting my stuff one day……

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