Is it legal or isn’t it?

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Well, here is an interesting one to think about.  There has been a little discussion over the last few days about same-sex marriages that took place in Canada.  The question arose, after two women tried to get a divorce, as to whether they were actually legally married or not.  According to a government lawyer they were not legally married if their normal place of residence refused to recognise the marriage.  This question has now been addressed by the Canadian government who say that they will tighten up any loop holes that exist that may place such marriages in jeopardy.  The question is interesting though and shows how difficult it is becoming when there is a hotchpotch of legal issues and inequalities around the globe.

Until equality exists for all then these kinds of misunderstandings will continue on indefinitely.  The stress that places on people is huge and the time and cost that governments spend in sorting it all out is equally huge.

So how about we start to treat everyone fairly and equally?  Is that a difficult one to manage?

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