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The issue of aging in the gay community is a complex one.  The gay community is often referred to as being geared towards younger generations and I think that there are specific issues that face the LGBT community as they age.  One of those important areas is the issue of retirement.  Although all of us would like to grow old gracefully and just quietly expire in our own houses while fast asleep, the reality is most likely going to be very different.  Also,  because most of us don’t have children we won’t necessarily have a granny or grandpa flat available to us.

So the alternative is a retirement home somewhere.  Now while the idea of living in a retirement home or community with a bunch of old, pissy queens, isn’t something that I like the idea of, nor do I like the idea of being in a retirement home that is totally heterosexual.  Lets face it, if you end up in a home with a bunch of people who are homophobic it isn’t like you have a bunch of options to get away…..

There are a number of homes and communities for the LGBT people springing up in the USA already, but they seem to be catering to the super rich in the LGBT community which would be just us trying for us mere mortals.  Endless candlelight suppers over Baccarat glasses and Bollinger sounds like fun, but the incessant chitter chatter of A-Gays dripping in baubles and bangles sends a chill down my spine.

So this place that is underway in Spain, just outside of Madrid, is interesting in that it aims at a more reasonable and everyday price bracket.  It is also interesting that this is being sponsered by the local government and is supported by the community within which it is located.

Whether it will be successful remains to be seen, but for those of us who are getting older the topic is one that is silently looming…

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