Poor loves….

Today’s link

Today this just takes the biscuit as we say back in England.  The attached link talks about how Newt Gingrich stated that there is more anti-christian bigotry than anti-gay bigotry in the US and that the media never covers the anti-christian aspect of it all.

The rest of the article can be largely ignored as it just re-hashes info from earlier posts under the guise of making this article seem bigger, something that the Advocate often does and I feel lowers their credibility somewhat….but I digress.

Mr Gingrich clearly doesn’t appreciate the differences.  How many people in the USA do you know who lose their jobs, get beaten up, get denied healthcare, have families disown them, get evicted from the houses, and get murdered for being a christian.  That’s all I have to say on that because he is a fool to believe otherwise.

Big love,


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