Who’s in the house?

Todays link.

Greetings dear readers!  I hope that your friday is proving to be particularly fantastic!

Something a little lighter for you all today.  Although I never watch it, Celebrity big brother is obviously a big deal for many.  Heck, I never even watched the non-celebrity version.  But this current one has someone a little different in it.  Gareth Thomas made history last year by coming out as gay and being the first major international rugby player to do so.  For those of you who are unaware, rugby is the ultimate masculine sport.  Think of it as like american football but without body armour and a rest every 10 seconds.  It is certainly no place for a fairy, as those of us who were forced to play it at school can testify to.

The support for Gareth when he came out was fantastic and he is to be much admired.  He has since retired from rugby and has been devoting his time to doing outreach work in the gay community, specifically with the Trevor Project and the It Get’s Better gang.  So why I am writing about this?  It just goes to show that gay people are in all walks of life and that it is important to be visible.  Being visible is one of the biggest things that we can do in dispelling the many myths that there are about LGBT people.

I applaud Gareth for doing this, and although I won’t be watching I hope he does well in the competition!

Big love,



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