Cincinnati moving out of the dark ages?

Todays article…..

So what do we have here then? Could this really be true? Yes, dear reader, I didnt see this this one coming at all, probably because I tend not to focus on local politics here out of deference to my blood pressure. Seelbach was elected just recently as the first out gay male in public office in Cinty. I say first because our mayor, Mark Mallory, is gay and shamefully in the closet from a public perspective. I applaud Seelbach for doing this as it will make him a massive target for the majority bigots here in Cinty. Already people are saying that it is np surprise and that this is what you get when you elect gay people. Just check out the comments in the article to see for yourself.

What I find most distasteful though is the fact that there are so many gay people in Cinty who will have voted for the very politicians who will try to block this and vote it down. That makes me despair and is one of the reasons why I have such a hard time with gay people who vote republican. This is the usual and repeatable end result.

Which makes me so sad and so angry.

Big love to you all,



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