The Iowa Caucus.

Back again, blog pickers….

So last night was all about the Iowa caucus.   In case you hadn’t heard Mitt Romney came first, Rick Santorum second, and Ron Paul third.  Is this a good thing?  Who knows, but what I do know is that it is very disappointing that the person who came second did so riding on a platform that is so full of Anti Gay rhetoric that it is disturbing.  The Advocate wrote about it here too (I’ll get off the Advocate and onto some other sites soon, I promise).

I talked about the fact that Santorum wants to invalidate my marriage if he becomes president, something which thankfully he cannot do.  But it still disturbs me for so many other people.  Remember that this is the man who when he was in politics before said that if gay sex was legal it would lead to people having sex with animals.  Obviously because I would immediately find my partner and every other male attractive and would be smitten with Fido instead…..

But people believe these things.  People believe them because they think that Santorum (and others) are clever and knowledgable.  Clearly all (well maybe “most”) politicians are somewhat smart to have been able to get to the positions they have done.  But saying things like that isn’t smart, assuming of course he believes them and is not just saying it win votes from the crazies.  But it is dangerous.

So how do we counter that?  By talking about it with people and letting them see that we are ordinary folk just like them.  If they don’t know any other gay people it is up to us to show them that their politicians are wrong.  They aren’t going to get it from any of the other candidates or people who are around them.  They need to hear it from other gay people.

So, go out and find someone from Iowa and tell them that you are normal…..and that if you see their labrador out in the park you won’t mount it.  Though it might do the same to you of course…..

Big love!



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