The Oxymoron.

Greetings, Blogpickers!

Todays post is a little bit of a strange one.  It’s all about some republicans in Colorado who are making the case for civil unions.  Considering that all of the republicans in government there voted against it last time it came up it seems a little odd that these people are spending time to try this one on for size.

I love how the article stresses that these people are all straight.  They may well be.  But it seems a little odd to me.  I am reminded of one of my favourite quotes by Boy George, the lead singer of Culture Club, writer, DJ, and personality.  He said “Being a Gay Republican is a bit like being a vegetarian butcher”.

Do we really need these people to be fighting for same-sex equality?  Well, that is a topic for a different day perhaps, but for the moment I think that these people are a little strange to say the least!  What do you think?

Big Love to all!



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