Day Two

Here we are, back again for day two!  I guess I am going to have to come up with a name for the posts though.  When we get to “Day Forty Seven” someone needs to remind me that numbering posts isn’t going to make for fun…for anyone!

Today’s Link

Just a short one for today I think.  I have to ease myself in gently…and it has been the last day of vacation so I wanted to just hang around and have a lazy day.  Apart from a one hour walk in the snow, wind, and rain this morning, it has been a lazy day indeed.  I spent a good two hours of it curled up on the floor with the cats having a snooze in front of the fireplace.  Real life awaits tomorrow though, when the vacations are officially over.  Ah well.

So, dear reader, back to today’s link.  Civil Unions in Delaware became legal and the link talks about the first couple to becone civil “unioned” in that state.  The couple had been together for fourteen years, and they are, coincedentally, lawyers too.  I guess they knew how to make the paperwork right to get it done quick, eh!

I applaud this couple and wish them all the happiness that they are longing for.  You’ll note that one of the guests was a US Senator as well.  This is, unfortunately, a brave thing for a senator to have done as it is quite likely that when he is up for re-election someone will raise the fact that he attended as a negative thing.  So this civil union has already become a political football from the start.  It’s just waiting in the wings to be kicked…..

Oh, and today’s portrait?  This was my walking gear for the day.  It was too good an opportunity to miss for my photo.

Big love to you all,


P.S.  The spell check on WordPress seems to have kicked the bucket.  Oh well…..


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